TDSA is now available on Bandcamp!  Next up: Tinder!

Step inside the Loading Bar and raise a toast with all your favorite video game characters as they drink to another day, another kidnapped loved one ...

Billy Lee's Lament is here for your 8-bit listening pleasure:

Although we're gearing up for a summer tour of the Northwest in support of our new album "This is Canon," we continue to write new songs.  And today we bring you a preview: "Non-Compliant" is a tribute to the comic series Bitch Planet.  Tommy Dennison added some slick guitar work, and City Below, as always, provided amazing backup vocals.

"Non-Compliant" has been added to the jukebox.  Enjoy -- and we'll see you on the road!


It's official! Our debut EP This is Canon has been released!!
You can get it at all the usual places:
Google Play:
CD Baby (DRM free):
And of course, we can be streamed at Spotify, Rhapsody, Tidal, etc.
Spread the (unrequited) love!!

Are you a personified video game trope? If so, we feel your pain.  If only there was a bar where you could hang out with other poor souls who just want ONE GODD&MN EVENING with their sweetheard that doesn't end in a kidnapping.

"Billy Lee's Lament" can now be streamed from the TDSA jukebox!



We're down to the mixing process for our EP!  But in the mean time, perhaps you'd like to commiserate with the rest of your party about the most obnoxious class in RPG canon?

"2ed" is now available for streaming (free!) in the TDSA jukebox.




We're closing in on the release of our debut EP.  In the mean time, perhaps you'd like to sing along to the alma mater of the world's foremost Lovecraftian summer camp?

"Camp R'yleh" has entered the rotation on the TDSA website jukebox!

(Art by


We're hard at work in the studio these days. But if you're interested in our progress, we've added a new song to the website's music player: "The Intelligent Design." 

And let's be honest, the world was in dire need of more songs about this guy:

Hello, world.  We're Tesla Deathray Survivors Anonymous, and if you're also a tesla deathray survivor (or "TDS" -- pronounced "Snikt!"), then we invite you to join our ranks.  Together, we will mend our wounds through the wondrous salve of music.  Let the healing process officially begin with the worldwide release of our first music video: "Werebot".

There's lots more to come, including an EP this December.  So rest your weary laser-deformed heads -- help is on the way!!

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